Only an Angel may fly

hello there...

...and thank you for clicking! welcome to my little piece of the internet where i indulge myself. a number of friends of mine had created their own websites and i decided that it would become one fork of what i hope to become a larger and more robust approach to social media detox of mine. it is my hope that via maintenance of this website and a number of other processes i am engaging myself in, i will provide myself with the zoo-animal style enrichment necessary without subjecting myself to the mind-decaying energy of social media services with inbuilt advertisement and charges for premium service (irony, i know).

as such, my primary intention for this website is to essentially be a diary. i have found that the best periods of my life were the periods in which i am granted a consistent outlet for my thoughts on various topics that are interesting to me, in a format where i and people close to me can read and engage with them. this exists in a context of a social media detox i am putting myself through in order to feel more in tune with my thoughts and the world - i feel ready to hone my thoughts to their sharpest and most insane, and this website will serve as a fitting and exciting place for me to store them.

by way of brief introduction, i am named after a flower. im a young adult mtf student living in england. i like radical politics, genre fiction, interesting music and plato. my favourite food is risotto (the first dish i learnt to cook) and i have blue eyes. i can't ride a bike and i'm 5'9" tall. i prefer dogs to cats but like the company of cats too. at time of writing it is 21:51gmt and i am slightly, although not very, sleep deprived. if you'd like to come to learn more about me and what i love about the world, you may see the contents of the website below. thank you for reading Ɛ>~.

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